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7 Ways for Businesses to Give Back to the Community

From helping with oral surgeries around the world to starting an NGO to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity, here are seven answers to the question, "Can you share what your business does to give back to the community?"

  • Repairing Cleft Lips With Operation Smile

  • Running an Informational Blog and Various Webinars

  • Encouraging Volunteering Programs

  • Helping a 15-Year-Old Become the Youngest World Chess Grandmaster

  • Providing Accessible Dental Care

  • Offering Free Training to E-commerce Merchants

  • Starting “The Foundation” to Promote Inclusivity

Repairing Cleft Lips With Operation Smile

When my company was looking for a brand to support, we wanted to find one that coincided with our company motto and products.

At SportingSmiles, we manufacture customer dental products and want to find a cause that dealt with dental or mouth-related issues. We decided to work with Operation Smile. Operation Smile is dedicated to providing surgeries worldwide to repair cleft lips. It's been a great organization, and our customers seem very open to the cause as well.

Evan McCarthy, President and CEO, Sporting Smiles

Running an Informational Blog and Various Webinars

We've been in the hybrid work business for a long time, over a decade at this point, so we've gathered enough trust in the industry to make our experts' opinions carry some real weight.

Because we really believe that hybrid makes life better for everyone, we try to push out as much free and informational content on our various platforms as we can to ensure everyone has access to the best practices to make hybrid work for them.

Encouraging Volunteering Programs

We encourage our employees to volunteer. Every so often, we hold volunteering programs for which employees can sign up and go for a day trip. These change and rotate, so there's always something interesting to do.

The programs can range from animal shelters to homeless shelters to holding free workshops for locals and students. It is our small way of giving back to the community, and a lot of employees are very invested.

Derek Sall, Founder and Financial Expert, Life and My Finances

Helping a 15-Year-Old Become the Youngest World Chess Grandmaster

Emin Ohanyan is a 15-year-old Armenian chess player. He has big dreams but small pockets. In order to become a Grandmaster, he had to score points in big tournaments around the world. Travel is expensive, but on top of that, to be world-top nowadays, you also need expensive computer models and computing power to deeply analyze your and your opponents' games in order to learn from experience.

For the modest Armenian family in Yerevan, this was all beyond their reach. So, his father reached out to successful Armenian entrepreneurs around the world to help. One of them is our CEO, Dr. Aram Hovsepyan, who is one of the world's leading appsec specialists and a genius on the chessboard of cybersecurity.

As an organization, we chose to support Emin without asking for anything in return. We hold talent development dear to our hearts, as it is integrated into our organizational culture and people strategy. But maybe, one day, when he's tired of playing chess, he can join our game!

Dag Flachet, Co-founder and Professor, Codific

Providing Accessible Dental Care

We provide affordable dental care for all without requiring dental insurance. Furthermore, we charge much less than the average prices for dental procedures. By providing easier access to quality dental care, we are helping people who might not otherwise have this opportunity.

Miles Beckett, Co-founder and CEO, Flossy

Offering Free Training to E-commerce Merchants

At ParcelPanel, we are dedicated to fueling growth in the e-commerce industry, and a unique way we do this while giving back to the community is by training e-commerce merchants. We offer elaborate training that teaches them how to operate a store, ensure swift logistics, and streamline their operations to enhance the chances of their ventures succeeding.

Liam Liu, Co-founder and CMO, ParcelPanel

Starting “The Foundation” to Promote Inclusivity

At our organization, we know the people for real, so we understand their unique needs. By listening, one thing we learned is to support platforms for peer groups. Be it on Snapchat, Reddit, or Discord, mobilizing your people so communication is more fluid has been a great starting point, even knowing how to give back effectively.

This has led to the creation of “The Foundation” by Facialteam, an NGO which aims to elevate trans and nonbinary voices, generating acceptance and promoting inclusivity. It is still early days, but there are many creative ideas on the table. Social responsibility in the future should be an integrated aspect

Lilia Koss, Community Manager, Facialteam


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