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Benefits of Joining a Board

Our September GET to Give (mega event) is extra special. We’ve partnered with two outstanding networking groups in the valley area! Greater Phoenix Urban League Young Professionals and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network are both groups that foster community development. This is GET Phoenix’s first partnership event this year and we’re very excited. It’s also been rewarding for our board to meet other young professional board members. We took time to reflect this month on the benefits we’ve received from being on a board:

"Being on the board has allowed me to see the inner workings of one of my favorite organizations. It also provides me with an elevated level of accountability to membership, other board members, and myself. Joining the board has allowed me to add more organizational tools to my tool-belt, as well as enhanced my leadership abilities." -Cailean Bailey, President

"One of the biggest benefits of being on the board of GET Phoenix is being at the center point where decisions are made. These decisions make it possible for the growing emerging talent of Phoenix to connect and grow. The results we produce as a team build our personal confidence, expand our knowledge, and ultimately raise our profiles to greater career horizons." -Marcelle Mietus, Treasurer

"Through joining a board, I’ve learned how to manage my time and invest in myself. I've pushed myself harder than I thought I could to get out of my shell, meet new people and put on events that people will remember. I’m grateful for the personal growth I’ve made through joining a board." -Kyrie Martin, Events Chair

"Being on a volunteer board has helped me increase my professional skill set, which has directly translated to success in the workplace with clients and coworkers. I've also been able to successfully develop my interpersonal skills through regular, close interactions with other young professionals who have different backgrounds and experiences. What you give to GET Phoenix, you will receive back in an even more valuable way." -Kelsey Waite, Marketing Chair

"I have made new connections, new friends and been able to help make an impact in our community through our philanthropy efforts. Being on the board has helped to teach me how to help run a successful non-profit, which are transferable skills to work and other areas in life." -James Alvarez, Membership Chair

"One of my favorite benefits of board service is that I get to see my hard work manifest itself in much different ways than my day job. My efforts in helping plan, market, and execute events is really rewarding when it all comes together. Plus, I have made such amazing friends and connections with people who share a similar drive to overachieve." -Jade Nunes, Marketing Committee

If you're interested in getting more involved with GET Phoenix or joining our board, please reach out to or chat with us at our next event!


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