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Fork & Dagger Hospitality Leader Excited to Support Phoenix Young Professionals Group


Having opened over 19 restaurants across three states in the past 22 years, Julian is well-versed in the food and beverage industry. He founded his hospitality company Fork & Dagger Hospitality, in 2000 with his first bar Jax Thai Bar gaining immediate success in Downtown Tempe.

His most recent venture is Pedal Haus Brewery, which has several valley-wide locations and a number of local, national, and international craft beer awards to its name.

He also recently launched a series of new concepts in the Roosevelt Row Arts District including Luckys Indoor Outdoor, Kähvi Coffee + Cafe, and now the first Sake Haus location. He’s a downtown Phoenix resident and an active participant in the community and its development.

How did you first become involved with GET Phoenix?

I first found out about GET when the board members reached out about hosting some events at a few of the Fork & Dagger concepts. I got the opportunity to connect with the group and learn more about their mission to connect and elevate business owners and professionals, all while having fun and creating a sense of community.

Why did you decide to become a GET Phoenix Member?

I think GET is very well networked, and most importantly, I think it’s great to support a charitable initiative that supports the leaders of tomorrow. I can get behind its mission and values as an organization, and I’m excited to see how it continues to grow.

Fun Fact about yourself?

As a server, I was part of the opening crew for a restaurant that opened in 1993 on Mill Avenue and 22 years later, I opened my biggest venture in my career in the same exact location, Pedal Haus Brewery.

Fork & Dagger Hospitality owns several bars and restaurants in walkable urban areas including Pedal Haus Brewery, Luckys Indoor Outdoor, Kähvi Coffee + Cafe, and Sake Haus. Each concept has its own distinctive vibe and brings something cool and unique to the table. All the concepts are great spots to enjoy quality food and drink, hang out with friends, or host a special event. We pretty much do it all!



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