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4 Steps I Took to Get Promoted at Work

Easy Steps for Getting Promoted at Work

I was recently offered a promotion at work!

Among other things, my company’s leadership noted all the things I’d been doing outside of work to develop myself both personally and professionally as a factor in them offering me the new role.

I’ve always been interested in ways to advance my career, but the steps I took to develop my skills beyond the day-to-day obligations of my 9-to- 5 and then get noticed were pretty simple.

Here they are...

The Steps I Took to Get Promoted at Work

1. Join a Networking Group

I started by trying out various networking groups throughout Phoenix-metro to see what they had to offer.

Eventually, I stumbled upon GET Phoenix. This was a young professionals networking group unlike any other in Phoenix. The drive I felt from the members reflected what I saw in myself. I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

The friends and peers I gained through GET exposed me to new things, got me involved with philanthropic efforts here in Phoenix, and helped me build new skills I otherwise wouldn’t have.

2. Attend Developmental Seminars

Through GET I now had access to new people, incredibly smart people!

My favorite GET Phoenix events have always been the GET to Learn events. At one of my first Get to Learn events, I was exposed to a personality assessment that helped me figure out what my strengths and weaknesses were. I’m undoubtedly a knowledge worker, I like an intellectual challenge.

By continuing to attend these kinds of seminars and developmental workshops I was able to pick up new insight, which started to change the way I looked at problems.

I was challenged by these events to think outside the box and that helped me uncover new solutions to long standing obstacles at work.

3. Really Commit to Something

There are plenty of people who benefit a great deal from attending GET Phoenix events. Others have seen GET Phoenix membership be worth 1,000x the investment. I decided however, to take an additional step when it came to GET.

I applied to be a member of the GET Phoenix Board of Directors. During my time as a board member I was allowed to expand upon my professional skills even further.

As a GET Phoenix board member I worked with different people that exposed me to new working styles. I worked in areas that I had no previous experience in.

I had the privilege of working with incredible professionals and expanding my network and like I’ve mentioned - I made some pretty great friends along the way.

Ready to Take Your GET Experience to The Next Level?

Apply to be a GET Phoenix Ambassador! GET Phoenix Ambassadors work with the Board of Directors to serve as a kind of welcoming committee for new and prospective members. Along the way GET Phoenix Ambassadors establish deep connections with more members of the GET Phoenix community than just about anyone.

Email to Learn More

4. Document Your Development

I found it uncomfortable at work to toot my own horn, and my colleagues weren’t in the habit of asking how my professional development was going.

However, I was connected with my managers and executives on LinkedIn. By sharing photos and documenting the things I was doing outside of work on social media, I not only got the attention of my leadership team but it led to conversations about my new role.

I found the act of documenting my journey on social media to be a strategic way to advertise the investments I was making in myself, which in turn benefited the company.

And it really paid off!

4 Steps to Your Next Job Promotion

All in all, professional development is hard work!

It’s not complicated - but it requires a consistent effort over time.

If you’re someone like me and you’re interested in advancing your career, remember these simple steps.

These four simple steps will help you to get out of your comfort zone, invest your time wisely, learn new skills, and get you noticed by the right people.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Zoe Ebling is originally from Chicago, IL. She moved to Arizona in 2016 in search of sunshine and employment. She works for a game development company in Old Town Scottsdale. Zoe loves martinis and her dog, Randall.



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