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Relocating to Phoenix as a Young Professional

Move to Phoenix as a Young Professional Without the Stress or Intimidation

Whether it’s the climate, job opportunity, or relative low cost of living the Phoenix metro area has been historically high on the list of cities people relocate to, especially among young professionals. An article by Forbes ranked Phoenix as the fourth best city for young professionals. The metrics used included salary, rent, employment prospects, networking opportunities, and social outlook. I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2009, and was living in Chicago when I decided to relocate to Phoenix in 2011. As excited as I was, the move was still intimidating.

3 Ways to Make Your Move to Phoenix Less Intimidating

Here are the things I recommend for other young professionals relocating to Phoenix to make their transition easier and less intimidating....

1. Join a Professional Organization

When I moved here in 2011 I only knew a few people. I was anxious to meet some people and connect with like-minded people. With Phoenix being the 5th largest city in the United States, there is no lack of industries and organizations.

I looked at organizations like…

This was an incredible experience as I was instantly introduced to other professionals that I was able to meet with weekly, do business with, and ultimately become friends with. Joining a professional organization when I was still new to Phoenix expanded my network. It was nice to be associated with other professionals that wanted to help me grow my business, and for me to be a part of helping grow theirs.

2. Get Involved with a Social Groups

From my experience, Phoenix is a very social city and there are so many different groups to get involved with. Everything from intramural sports, college alumni groups, hiking clubs, CrossFit gyms, and philanthropic groups.

You might want to explore organizations like…

This was initially very intimidating but I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go for it.

Joining a socially oriented group has been one of my best decisions. I have made some incredible friends, and ultimately feel more connected to my community.

3. Serve in Your Community

I believe this is the most important thing I’ve done to help with the relocation. Anytime you can get your hands dirty, and be the hands and feet of your community you will naturally feel more connected. You can serve with local non-profits or a church. I did both. When you are serving alongside people, you are going to create and build relationships with people that will ultimately help you both socially and professionally. Serving is good for your mind and body and brings fun and fulfillment to your life. There are people that I served with that I have done business with, and that have ultimately have become lifelong friends.

Not sure how to get started?

The Common Denominator

Although all experiences can be different, I can attest that over the last 9 years since relocating to Phoenix participating in professional organizations, getting involved in social groups, and serving in the community has helped tremendously.

The common denominator is getting out of my comfort zone and building relationships with people around you, both socially and professionally.

I truly believe that when you do this, it makes Phoenix not so large and intimidating and can help with young professionals relocating to this great city.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brandon Shipman brought his ‘Let’s Go!’ attitude to his role with the Arnold Insurance team in 2019, after working in the banking industry for the previous 9 years. Brandon graduated from the University of Missouri, where he was a member of the Missouri Tigers Football Team.

Brandon is a member of Christ’s Church of the Valley, Phoenix 20-30 Club, Children in Need Foundation, Aspiring Youth Academy, Mizzou Alumni Association, Project 200, BNI Power Partners and sits on the board of the Deer Valley Village Planning Committee.


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