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Phoenix Group Passionate About Doing Good Work and Making a Difference

Mitchelle Makanjuola completed her master’s degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from the ASU College of Public Service and Community Solutions in 2014.

Mitchelle has since helped develop and implement a number of high-level, high-dollar, global & civic engagement programs, has solidified her expertise in Human Resource functions and operations and has worked for well known organizations such as IREX, USAID, Make-A-Wish America Foundation, and National Wildlife Federation.

Currently Mitchelle works for CopperPoint Insurance Companies as a Strategy and Project Manager helping to implement initiates to drive business growth objectives.

Mitchelle is also very active in her community as a United Way committee member, Phoenix Sister Cities Youth Ambassadors member, GET Phoenix Board Member, RMHC volunteer and more.

How did you start getting involved with GET?

I got involved with GET Phoenix by true coincidence.

Newly relocated back to AZ, I was invited to a GET event by one of my friends...who ultimately stood me up-haha.

I decided it was a great opportunity to invite some colleagues instead so I was not alone and to still see what it was like. I ended up meeting a few present (and past) GET board members and our conversations were easy, insightful, and genuine.

From that moment on I knew I had to get to know more about these amazing & ambitious people.

Why did you decide to become a GET Phoenix Member?

I hope to learn as much as possible through this experience with GET and better develop my skills (hence why I joined).

In life the best work comes from a diverse mix of experiences, ideas, opinions and most of all passions. All the people in this organization are passionate about doing good work, doing it well, and making a difference (whatever that may look like)... so its a no brainier!

Fun fact about yourself?

I LOVE to scrapbook!


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