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Security Must-haves for Small Businesses

When owning and operating a small business, there is a lot to consider. But high on your priority list should be security.

Home Security First Very smart people have figured out the home security portion of this list and placed it first. It's important to acknowledge that your home office is a vault of information that shouldn’t be accessed by anyone. If you’ve thought about your privacy policy hidden deep somewhere in your business policies, you probably are not doing a good job of securing your clients' data.

Check out these must-haves for small business owners operating out of their home office:

  • Locked Outside Fuse Box

  • Front Door Camera

  • 2 Factor Authentication for Entry

  • Locked Office Door

  • Interior Office Camera

  • Home Alarm System

Cell Phone Security

The next step to securing your business’s future is making sure your cell phone is as secure as you can make it. There isn’t much guesswork on what’s available as Apple and Samsung phones are not open sources.

Here is what you need for making Apple or Android phones secure:

  • Malware Bytes

  • VPN

  • Biometric Entry

  • Multi-Step Login

  • Password Manager

Wireless Router Security

Your wireless router is the lifeblood of your company and should be treated as such. The first thing you must do is learn to change your router’s password from the default. Getting a home firewall will also prevent novices from getting into your files.

Consider these when it comes to router security:

  • Firewalla

  • WPA3 Enterprise Login

  • WPA2 Security Best Practices (If you are going to use it)

  • Hide your Wi-Fi SSID (you don’t need to broadcast you have wifi)

Computer Security

Your computer security is simple but requires a few upgrades. The most notable is the NFC USB login combination, which requires devices like Google Titan Master Keys and USB-C dongle combinations to basically render your computer useless unless all pieces of the puzzle are present when turning your computer on. Here are some recommendations:

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • Intrusion Monitor

  • File Scanner

  • Firewall Device

  • Firewall Software

  • Upgrading the Wifi Antenna to a Secure Model

  • Biometric NFC USB login Combination

  • Full Backup of Hard Drives

Website Security Phoenix AZ Ad Agency sells secure WordPress websites and offers recommendations for Sitelock website security, so many of these recommendations come bundled in with Sitelock security. The rest are off-the-shelf technologies and best practices.

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer Certificate)

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)

  • Firewall

  • Malware Scanner

  • Spyware Scanner

  • Intrusion Monitor

  • Randomized Login Page

  • Secure Password or Password Manager

  • Full File Backup

  • 2 Party 2 Factor Authentication

No Security Strategy Is Bulletproof

There are a lot of evil people working towards executing lots of people’s agendas. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking “no one wants my information” or “it couldn't happen to me”. It does happen to people all over the country, and that is why small, home-based business security is a billion-dollar industry. If you have any questions about small business and advertising campaign security, check out Phoenix AZ Ad Agency.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jason cut his teeth in a brutal outbound recruiting sales environment.

He's worked for himself these last 6 years only to understand that committing to 150 phone call days during the employed bullpen days really was his most valuable acquired work asset. Jason took that "must be winning attitude" towards creating a low-cost, high-value agency that concentrated on Lee Iacocca's Boomer business crowd. See Phoenix AZ Ad Agency. Instead of conquering the world in the funnel space, Jason has carved a single niche for himself as an aging millennial, but still someone who can give best practices advice to grandparents with an air conditioning services company. Contact him if you want to know more about the things your company could be doing to attract more business or make it easier for your salespeople to sell. Contact Phoenix AZ Ad Agency at (480) 686-7775 or email



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