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LinkedIn Features To Know About For Your Next Event

Have you ever been at a networking event and one person forgot, or doesn’t carry, their business card? That person is usually me, so I often pull out my phone to connect on LinkedIn. The process can sometimes be a bit cumbersome as you need to reconfirm the person’s name, how it is spelled, etc. With that in mind, I thought I’d share two different options that can make this process smoother:

1. QR Code

At the top of the LinkedIn app for iPhone, you’ll see the search bar with a small QR code on the right side. If you click the QR code, it will bring up the “LinkedIn Code” page that allows you to scan another person’s code or show “my code.”

If you click “my code”, you’ll see a QR code that will enable the person who scans it to directly connect with you on LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can click “Scan” to bring up the camera within the LinkedIn app to scan another person’s code.

TIP: You can also just use the regular camera to scan the QR code which will automatically open that person’s profile in the LinkedIn app.

I’ve found it super easy to connect with people that way as it avoids some of the pitfalls above (spelling name correctly, etc). Want to try it out? Scan the code above through the LinkedIn app and add me on LinkedIn!

2. Find Nearby

LinkedIn also offers a feature that allows you to more easily see, and connect with, people at networking events. To get started, open the LinkedIn App, and click the people/network tab, followed by the blue add person in the bottom right. You will then see everyone in the vicinity (who has also opened the page/activated the option) which makes it quicker to connect with fellow attendees:

That being said, the “find nearby” feature is not without privacy/ethical concerns. In order for it to work, you have to grant LinkedIn additional access (ex. bluetooth) to your phone. In addition, you are broadcasting who/where you are and you might not want everyone to know that. So please do be aware of any potential issues there.

The above two options have helped make connecting with other people at networking events a simple process. No need to open LinkedIn, type in a name, sift through people with the same name, etc. Simply open the LinkedIn app, and use the two options above to easily connect with people you meet at an event!


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