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Valley Organization Welcomes New Young Professionals to Arizona


Audrey Wuest | Digital Marketing Specialist

Audrey is a marketing professional with demonstrated product launch and campaign management experience in both client and agency settings.

In her free time, Audrey enjoys hiking with her dog and trying new restaurants.

She recently moved to Phoenix from the Midwest and is looking for a new job in marketing. I would love to connect with other marketing professionals or hiring managers looking to expand their team.

How did you first become involved with GET?

I found GET on Instagram while I was looking for things to check out in the Phoenix area.

Why did you decide to become a GET Phoenix Member?

I went to the GET to meet event at The Little Woody and it was awesome!

Fun Fact about yourself?

I'm addicted to TikTok! It's the one platform where I can be influenced to try just about anything.

Connect with Audrey: LinkedIn | Instagram



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