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Young Professionals Group Offers Variety of Events in Phoenix Area


Nicole Lang | Speech Language Pathologist at ASU Preparatory Academy

Nicole grew up in a suburb of Phoenix before relocating to Iowa for undergrad. She obtained her masters in Speech Language Pathology from NAU before landing a job in Washington state.

Nicole lived in Washington for four years then relocated to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands for an SLP position in the public schools. She lived in St. Thomas for two years, where she island hopped on the weekends, experienced two category 5 hurricanes, lived without power for 100 days and volunteered/belonged to an amazing organization called My Brother’s Workshop.

Nicole then relocated to Thailand in 2018, where she worked as an English Teacher in a town called Lampang and also became a volleyball coach. Now, Nicole is living and working back in Phoenix as a Speech Language Pathologist and spends her free time exploring, playing sports, hiking and traveling.

How did you start getting involved with GET?

My friend introduced me to the community, and I love the variety of events and opportunities GET Phoenix offers. It enables me to experience and learn other professions and help out the community.

Why did you decide to become a GET Phoenix Member?

Being new to Phoenix, I always knew I wanted to find a community of professionals to be able to grow in both my social and professional mindset, meet new people and participate in different philanthropies and outreach programs.

Fun Fact about yourself?

I’ve had my own travel blog since 2012 where I write stories, guides and share tips from my experiences when traveling. The blog is called Mapless Adventures, and it’s about living life without a mapped out plan and taking on whatever challenges, experiences or opportunities that come. Let’s just say I don’t plan things very well and like to be semi-spontaneous!

Connect with Nicole: LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook



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