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Young Professionals Making an Impact on The World is a Powerful Influence

Brendan Alan Barrett helps sales professionals and business owners identify, prioritize, and win the attention of prospects that can be turned into sales most quickly and profitably – helping their organization to realize faster and greater ROI from every sales hire.

At Virtuous CRM, Brendan leads a top-rate team of sales development professionals who help nonprofit development teams grow generosity from their donors year-over-year.

How did you start getting involved with GET?

I was looking for a group of growth-minded people my own age.

When I moved to Arizona in 2014 and for the first few years, all of the groups and association I frequented were made up of folks 20-30 years older than me.

One of the things that's kept me around is the focus on doing good in the community that GET champions. That definitely wasn't something I expected to encounter, but the influence of other young professionals - my peers - making a positive impact on the world challenged me to get involved.

Why did you decide to become a GET Phoenix Member?

I enjoyed attending events and the mission of GET. The idea of helping more young professionals experience the professional and personal growth that GET makes possible sounded like a fun and important think to be part of.

Fun fact about yourself?

Once upon a time I was taught yoga and spin classes 2-3 times a week.



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