The numbers don't lie...

April 24, 2017

It’s spring time in Arizona and we know you probably don’t need much persuading to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, BUT what you might need is a little encouragement to do so on a Wednesday evening to enjoy some networking.  We know, we know…  It’s humpday, you’ll be tired, it’s just ANOTHER business card-slinging, awkward networking event…maybe you should just pass.  WRONG! 


Let’s break this down to simple fact and numbers:


5 Reasons Why Networking Matters:

  1. It can help you grow your career.  Love your job?  Want to continue to grow in and with your company?  Building a network of clients, customers, colleagues and the like will work wonders to get you where you want to go.

  2. It can help you start a business.  So many of us want to go out on our own but hesitate to pull the trigger.  Having a deep pool of contacts to help you get started can seriously decrease the fear and risk associated with starting your own business.

  3. It’s encouraged by companies and business schools.  If you’re already working your way up the ladder or investing in yourself by way of further education, your company and prospect schools want to see you eager to grow your personal and business network.

  4. It helps you broaden your perspective and build a more extensive knowledge base.  Because who couldn’t use a little perspective now and then?

  5. It leads to lifelong friendships.  Networking doesn’t just help you succeed as a business professional.  It teaches you people skills that are very hard to come by, due to modern day technology.  In developing these skills, you meet people you otherwise wouldn’t and build valuable sources of support.

5 Reasons to Drink Beer:

  1. Beer is actually good for you!  Yep, you read that right.  It’s full of fiber, boosts vitamin B and helps keep your kidneys healthy.

  2. It has a rich history.  It’s one of the oldest beverages humans have produced.

  3. You can never run out of beers to try.  There are literally hundreds of varieties!

  4. Beer doesn’t discriminate!  We wouldn’t want to leave anyone out.  Light to Dark.  Fruity to bitter.  Even non-alcoholic.  There’s something for everyone.

  5. It’s delicious!  Who doesn’t love a cold beer after a long work day??


5 Reasons to Attend our GET to Meet Event:

  1. Great networking opportunities (See above). 

  2. We are partnering with ASCPA (Arizona Association of Certified Public Accountants), so you’ll have extra folks to mingle with.

  3. This month we’ll be at the awesome, McFate Brewing Co. in Scottsdale.

  4. GET Phoenix Young Professionals is not your average networking group.  We’ll welcome you with open arms and make sure you want to keep coming back for more.  Plus, we are a lot of fun.  Check it out. 

  5. Beer.  (Again, see above)

  6. BONUS: McFate has nearly 20 in-house brews on tap in addition to wine and other cocktails.  So, #beer.


That’s SIXTEEN reasons to join us this Wednesday as we forget about the work day and mingle with like-minded professionals from all over the Valley.  There will be complementary appetizers and drink specials for the duration of the event.  You won’t want to miss out!  You can pre-register here.

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