Weak Ties vs Strong Ties

July 8, 2018



Let’s be honest. If you’re anything like us, you’re thinking to yourself “ugh, networking. I have to go and talk to people I don’t know? I probably won’t see these people ever again. I am behind on Netflix, let me do that with my Wednesday night instead.”


Not so fast. We'll admit that we had a similar attitude before 1) learning about the power of weak ties and 2) learning about GET Phoenix Young Professionals.


Weak ties are the opposite of strong ties. Strong ties are family members and close friends who know you don’t like mushrooms and will support you even if you’re trying to argue Miley Cyrus is better than Ariana Grande. Weak ties are people you know casually (i.e., meet at a GET Phoenix event).

The problem with strong ties is you run in the same circles, thus, you know of the same opportunities and the same people. Weak ties are amazing for your career and personal life because they know of opportunities and people you aren’t already exposed to. Meeting them can open doors you literally didn’t even know existed!


GET Phoenix makes networking fun, since our professionals are like-minded, easy going and eager to meet new people! Come see what the hype is all about July 25th, 6:00 PM, at Boondocks Patio & Grill. A little birdie told us there will be free appetizers, drink specials and a $250 Wasted Grain bottle service prize raffled off to attendees. We cant wait to meet you there!


Don't forget to pre-register here and save! 

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