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Benefits to Co-Working Spaces

The 21st century’s use of technology has led to an increase in the variety of working styles. Start-up businesses are steadily on the rise and freelance contractors are more accessible and popular than ever. This entrepreneur work style brings forth its own set of obstacles.

Enter co-working spaces.

The best products solve the challenges of everyday men (or women), right? Co-working spaces create an environment that supports the entrepreneur. According to Small Business BC, here are a few reasons why coworking could be beneficial to your business:

Provides Structure

Let’s be real, the “small business, work-for-yourself” mentality is catchy - partly because of the ability to control your hours and schedule. Dare I say… the Millennial-American dream?

Schedule freedom can be exciting, but that doesn’t mean structure is a bad thing. Many of the great productivity theorists rely on structure to achieving their goals in the most effective way. A co-working space can provide an opportunity to structure your day, which you may actually find effective.

Avoid Loneliness

Working individually brings forth new challenges. It’s easy to become isolated while in the work-alone flow. Placing yourself in a situation where you can meet people outside your zone can be uncomfortable. Co-working spaces provide a comfortable environment where you can interact with new people and create relationships while learning something new, or being inspired by the work of those around you.

Flexible Work Environment

Co-working spaces provide a flexible advantage to your traditional office space. You may not be ready to take the plunge of a obtaining an office space. Leases, furniture, malware… oh my! There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with having your own office space (especially if your business is small). Co-working spaces help to take pressure off and provide a non-traditional but flexible approach to your business needs.

Promotes Networking and Collaboration

Provide yourself with a stimulating environment filled with opportunities. Working in shared spaces with other like-minded go-getters puts you in close proximity to problem solvers. Brainstorming is important for the growth and development of any company. Co-working spaces expose you to networking and collaboration opportunities with intelligent people. Plus, you may make friends in the process.

Co-working can be a beneficial outlet to help grow your business. There are plenty of co-working spaces around the Valley that cater to different styles of business. They also have the ability to connect you with great resources. Learn more about co-working in AZ here.



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