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GET Noticed: Elevating Your Brand with Bryor Mosley

Whether you’re vying for a new job, seeking business partnerships, or establishing yourself as a thought leader, standing out is harder than ever — even if you are (with or without bias) a rockstar.

So, how do you get noticed in today’s hyper-competitive world? It’s not just about showcasing your skills and experience; it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates authentically and leaves a lasting impression. 

Photo by Jessica Kidwell

We invited Bryor Mosley, Talent Acquisition Partner for Southern New Hampshire University and a “Top Recruiting Voice” on LinkedIn, to help us navigate this challenge and get noticed! Here are key takeaways from his presentation:

Identify and Clarify Your Three Pillars of Branding

Photo by GET Phoenix

Bryor kicked things off by challenging us to define the three pillars of our professional brand. 

These pillars can be anything: think of hobbies, your industry, short- and long-term goals, or your personal story, for starters. Whatever they may be, weaving all three together forms a compelling professional identity that makes you uniquely you.

It will certainly evolve over time, but reflecting on your professional identity will pave the way for growth, recognition, and impact. 

For example, someone’s three pillars may be:

Pillar 1: I work in Marketing as a Content Marketing Specialist in the healthcare industry.

Pillar 2: I am passionate about writing and mental health awareness.

Pillar 3: My goal is to increase access to mental health care by crafting compelling, educational content because therapy changed my life.

Another example may be:

Pillar 1: I spend my free time building productivity mobile apps.

Pillar 2: I’m passionate about helping more women learn to code.

Pillar 3: My goal is to launch my own non-profit helping teenage girls learn to code in a fun, friendly, and empowering environment.

Suggested exercise: Identify and flesh out the three pillars of your professional brand.

Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

Photo by GET Phoenix

With an eye for detail and authenticity, Bryor underscored the importance of updating your LinkedIn profile to show your true professional identity:

  • Profile photo and background - Use a professional headshot paired with a background that echoes your three pillars. Steer clear of anything too casual or off-brand.

  • Headlines - Your headline is prime real estate to show your expertise, career aspirations, and more in a short but compelling manner. This succinct statement is your audience’s introduction to the real you as your professional narrative unfolds.

  • Activity and engagement - Every like, comment, and share should reflect your three pillars while steering clear of controversies (no matter how much you want to tell ‘em how it is!). Just make sure you post one to four times per week, ideally Monday through Thursday.

But more important than anything, turn on Creator Mode! This will help you expand your reach and influence on LinkedIn with tools and features to create compelling content. Here are a few tips to get started.

Suggested exercise: Turn on Creator Mode on your LinkedIn profile.

Elevate Your Resume

Photo by GET Phoenix

Crafting a compelling resume means going beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. You must show the value you bring and how you can meet the unique needs of each role you’re applying to.

  • Tailor your resume to each role - This means adjusting your skills and experience according to the job description. You want to make it immediately clear to any hiring manager that your qualifications, skills, and career trajectory fit both the role and the organization.

  • Highlight your experience - Use bullet points to draw attention to your key contributions. Don’t merely list responsibilities; ensure each bullet demonstrates value added to each role. A good strategy is incorporating quantifiable results whenever possible.

  • Use visuals - PDFs, image carousels, and pictures perform best. That being said, make sure your visuals complement rather than distract from your content.

Suggested exercise: Highlight three accomplishments in your most current role. Use numbers and percentages to show impact.

With these actionable tips and tricks, you have the tools you need to refine your professional brand and get noticed. Want to learn more? Connect with Bryor on LinkedIn or shoot him an email at

GET Phoenix provides professional and personal development opportunities to career-oriented young professionals. If you have any questions, let us know!


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