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Kalei Riggs | Relationship Development & Executive Associate at Cole Design Group

Kalei Riggs is originally from St. Louis, Missouri but currently lives in Scottsdale since graduating from ASU in 2020.

She works at Cole Design Group, a Civil Engineering firm. Her goal with the company is to become a Business Development Manager.

On a more personal level, Kalei love to travel, spend time with friends and LOVES living in Arizona!

How did you start getting involved with GET?

I had seen GET on LinkedIn and was interested. I then met Jade Nunes (current GET President) and loved hearing about all of the different aspects this group brings! I have joined a couple of industry specific networking groups, but I like how GET has a wide range of young business professionals to meet!

Why did you decide to become a GET Phoenix Member?

To meet a wide range of young business professionals, have fun and grow as a person!

Fun Fact about yourself?

I have traveled to 17 countries!

Connect with Kalei: LinkedIn



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