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Networking Group Allows Young Professionals to Stay Involved in Phoenix in a New Way


Nicolette Lau | Marketing Operations Manager

Nicolette Lau is the Marketing Operations Manager at a new, Phoenix founded startup company called Oana, that is launching in beta markets this fall.

Oana is a pay it forward marketplace app where people share goods and services within friend groups and social circles.

Specializing in go-to-market, grassroots and event marketing, Nicolette has previously worked for Sprouts Farmers Market after graduating with a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State University in 2016. She also spent a short time living and teaching abroad before joining the Oana team.

How did you first become involved with GET?

I heard about young professional groups from a friend in another city and decided to look into it in Phoenix. I'm excited to connect with others in my area and stay involved in Phoenix in a new way.

Why did you decide to become a GET Phoenix Member?

All of the events looked great and I knew I would want to attend them. Joining seemed like the right choice for me to stay involved with GET!

Fun Fact about yourself?

I've lived in 4 countries - US, Mexico, Czech Republic, & Spain!

Connect with Nicolette: LinkedIn



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