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Phoenix Networking Groups Offers A Way for Young Professionals to Learn from Others


Madelyn Van Wyk | Community Manager at Picmonic

If you walked away only knowing a few things about Madelyn Van Wyk, she would want those things to include that she loves to travel, loves learning, absolutely loves reading, and new experiences. She is also quite decent at house renovations.

How did you first become involved with GET?

My husband, Ross, was familiar with GET and recommended I check it out to expand my marketing network. My favorite thing is the collective growth mindset of the community.

Why did you decide to become a GET Phoenix Member?

A majority of my day is spent in affiliate marketing and social media management, both of which are worlds that are constantly changing. I'm excited to be a member of GET to share some of my knowledge while learning from the other members as well. Hopefully, I will have some great takeaways to help me level up at work too!

Fun Fact about yourself?

The maximum amount of books I can read at once is 4, more than that and I utterly confuse myself.

Connect with Madelyn: LinkedIn


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